A plate of homemade Potatoe Wedges

Crisp, Cheesy Potatoe Wedges

Potatoe Wedges are a pub favourite for good reason, they are relatively simple, taste delicious and easy to share. This recipe uses parmesan and seasoning … Read more

A pile of Potatoe Scallops on a plate

Crunchy Potatoe Scallops

Potato Scallops are a favourite at fish and chip shops. They combine the delicious fluffiness and starchiness of potatoes with a crisp batter finish. I … Read more

Pineapple fritters on a plate

Crispy Pineapple Fritters

Pineapple fritters are the perfect summer food. The sweetness of the pineapple perfectly compliments the crispy batter. Pineapple fritters are often served with chicken and … Read more

A Milk Bar Salad Sandwich on a plate

Aussie Milk Bar Salad Sandwich

Australian milk bar salad sandwiches are one of my favourite childhood foods. Prepared sandwiches and rolls are often sold in small, family run corner stores. … Read more