A plate of homemade copycat fantales

Copycat Fantales

Fantales are one of my favourite Australian lollies. Who doesn’t love Caramel? And of course there is all that trivia to learn from the wrappers. … Read more

Honey Joys on a plate

Heavenly Honey Joys

Honey Joys are to Corn Flakes what Chocolate Crackles are to Rice Bubbles. A delicious and simple spinoff from our favourite breakfast cereals. Honey Joys, … Read more

Chocolate Crackles on a plate

Crispy Chocolate Crackles

Many countries have a variation of a chocolate, Rice Bubbles based treat. Call me biased but I think Chocolate Crackles are the best. Chocolate Crackles … Read more

Homemade Jelly Slices on a plate

Jiggly Jelly Slices

Jelly Slices take a bit of time to assemble but are worth it for the delicious end result. Slices are one of the most popular … Read more

Coconut Rum Balls on a plate

Coconut Rum Balls

Rum balls are a delicious sweet and are popular for special occasions like Christmas. They can also be enjoyed all year round. These balls don’t … Read more

Homemade White Christmas sweets on a plate

Rich White Christmas Bites

Is it really Christmas without White Christmas? True, it’s very unlikely to snow in Australia In the middle of summer. But with delicious white chocolate … Read more