Rich and Smooth Folded Eggs

Folded Eggs became popular after becoming a hit at at Bill Granger’s Sydney restaurant restaurant, Bills. They have since risen in stature to be one of the Australia’s most popular breakfast recipes.

The secret to the luxurious, smooth taste of these eggs is cream. It is also important to cook the eggs quickly. Be careful not to overcook them, or they will lose moisture.

For this recipe I am making the eggs just a little bit lighter by mixing cream and milk. You can play with the quantities of each to find the right level of richness for you.

Serve the eggs with a garnish such as parsley, with toast and/or with sides such as avocado.


  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 40 ml cream
  • 40 ml whole milk
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon butter


1. Heat the butter in a fry pan over high heat.

2. Mix together the milk and cream with the beaten eggs. Add pinch of salt to the mixture.

3. When the butter is melted, pour the egg mixture into the fry pan.

4. Fold the sides of the mixture in over the middle as it cooks, making sure not to scramble the eggs. Cook through but make sure to remove the eggs while they are still moist. 

5. Serve and enjoy! 


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