Veggie Fry-up With Halloumi

There is no greater way to start the day than with a delicious Aussie fry-up. This veggie version mixes healthy spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes with the protein of eggs, halloumi cheese and baked beans.

The most difficult part of assembling a fry-up is getting everything ready to eat at the same time. It’s ideal if you have a warm place to keep the food as you prepare other ingredients. You can also speed up the process by frying ingredients in the same grill pan.


  • 1 cup of sliced mushrooms
  • 1/2 tomato
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1 cup of spinach
  • 4 slices of Halloumi
  • 1/2 tin of baked beans
  • 5 teaspoons of avocado oil


1. Spoon the baked beans into a saucepan and cook until bubbling, then reduce the heat to a simmer

2. Wilt the spinach using a steamer, and then set aside somewhere warm. 

3. In a grill pan, heat up two teaspoons of oil and then add the mushrooms. Cook until browned and juicy, then set aside somewhere warm. 

3. In a clean saucepan, heat up 2 teaspoons of oil. Grill the halloumi until browned then flip sides, about 2 minutes per side. Set aside somewhere warm. 

3. Add a tablespoon of milk to the eggs, and whip together. In a clean grill pan scramble the eggs until cooked but still moist. Set aside somewhere warm. 

4. Cut the tomato into four pieces, and place in the grill pan with one teaspoon of oil. Cook until lightly browned on each side. Remove.

4. Assemble the mushrooms, scrambled eggs, steamed spinach, grilled tomatoes and grilled halloumi on a plate. Add the baked beans. 

5. Add salt and pepper to taste and enjoy! 


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